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School of dentistry in Augusta GA


Careers In Dentistry is the most challenging and comprehensive dental assisting school for the Augusta area and CSRA.  You will be taught by a practicing dentist as well as experienced dental assistants in a dental office setting. The very first day of classes begins with a lecture and then our students move to the treatment rooms for hands on, chair side training.  As a practicing dentist, Dr. Benjamin Timmerman requires his assistants to be proficient in making impressions, taking x-rays, sterilizing instruments, and excel at working chair side with patients.

The main focus of Careers In Dentistry is to train assistants to be major assets and team members for dental offices in our area.   Our school is unique in that this is a fast paced eleven week program, where we meet two nights each week.  Each session is four hours every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Dr. Timmerman utilizes the opportunity to hold sessions like this for two important reasons:

1) There is an abundance of practical material which has to be taught, making it very difficult to stay focused as well as to be able to retain information if having to attend an eight hour lecture.  It was found that students learn and comprehend better in a four hour session.

2) Evening classes allow our students to maintain a day job yet still pursue a new career in dental assisting.  Each class begins at 7:00pm and ends 10:45pm.

he tuition is $2900, which includes: all course materials, 1 set of scrubs, use of equipment, materials and clinical supplies, home study materials, referral services, and a teacher-to-student ratio of one instructor for every 4 students in the clinic.  Most importantly, after graduating the course, our students are allowed to come back for an internship.  This internship includes working chair side with Dr. Benjamin Timmerman and an actual patient receiving dental work.  This an eleven week course comes to life and the real learning experience occurs. There is no other school in the Augusta area that can match the teacher to student personal attention and instruction.

Our lecture room uses state-of-the-art audio visual Power Point equipment to make the learning experience both interesting and enjoyable. The lecture and clinical sessions are held at our dental office which has the absolute latest in dental technology including, digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, Cerec CAD-CAM, a dental lasering system and other state-of-the-art treatment equipment.

Since the class fills up quickly, we suggest that you mail in your deposit at least two weeks prior to the starting date.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be given a Certificate of Dental Assisting and will be certified in Dental Radiology by the Georgia Department of Human Resources.  In spite of what some other schools may tell you, this is the only certification you need to be a dental assistant in Georgia and most other states.  We have referrals from our former students as well as referral from local dentists.  We have dentist calling our office requesting our students and in doing so, Careers In Dentistry is able to provide a referral service to place our students.

As dental professionals, Dr. Timmerman has a great working relationship with fellow dentists in the Augusta area and his reputation is second to none! Careers In Dentistry is a recognized state teaching institution, authorized and licensed by the Georgia Nonpublic Post secondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990.

Careers In Dentistry provides a placement service that is free to both dentist and students.  Students from our program are being offered positions averaging $14-16 per hour to start.  Dentists requesting our students have heard of us through word of mouth or through past experience in hiring our students.

The teaching is hands-on, stimulating, fast paced, and relies heavily on individual participation.  Each class is limited to 12 students to insure personal attention and a worthwhile learning experience.  You will not have time to be bored!

A career of helping people improve their dental health will be a rewarding and enormously satisfying experience for you.  No two days will ever be the same and your job as a dental assistant will continuously renew itself.  It is a career that will always be in demand and in need of capable, trained, and caring dental assistants.  It could be a career for you!

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